Facebook shop creator

With more than one billion worldwide users, Facebook has become an essential sales channel. Many companies use the Facebook page for their promotion and marketing purposes. The viral features of Facebook is making it possible build brand awareness easily.

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Sell anywhere

Getsocialshops is a flexible online service,packed with features that help you achieve your online sales. The system is easy to use and no technical skills required. We provide a single view allows you to manage webshops and all your products. A domain name, website or complex advertising campaigns are not required. A smart system designed for smart entrepreneurs.

User Friendly

Our Facebook shop is not only part of your Facebook page rather it has the same look & feel. Our Facebook Store transactions are carried through Paypal, Credit Card without our involvement. Within Facebook we have a logical and trusted buyer experience created, which is recognizable for Facebook users. Fact of the matter is payment transactions are only between shop owner and customer, we have zero involvement.

Viral Techniques

With this option, the seller sets the price of goods together for some Likes. In a purchase, the product is not paid, but shared on the Facebook timeline of the buyer. Once the buyer has collected enough Likes for this product, buyer and seller get an e-mail and the product is officially sold! The buyer gets the product for free in exchange for advertisement he did through his facebook account, with friends of the buyer.